La Magnani

Teresa Venerdi / Am Title - Doctor Beware (1941) | Pers: Anna Magnani | Dir: Vittorio De Sica | Ref: TER034AA | Photo Credit: [ A.C.I. / The Kobal Collection ] | Editorial use only related to cinema, television and personalities. Not for cover use, advertising or fictional works without specific prior agreement

The most Vesuvian of actresses, Anna Magnani first erupted on the screen in Rossellini’s Open City (1946) in a scene, midway through the movie, that itself announced the tectonic shift occasioned by Italian neo-realism. It’s present in this twenty-four-film series along with Magnani’s greatest hits—Jean Renoir’s The Golden Coach (1952), Visconti’s Bellisima (1962), Pasolini’s Mama Roma (1962)—as well as a number of lesser-known films, including the fascist-era white telephone film Full Speed (1934) and the aptly titled Volcano (1950), directed by moonlighting Hollywood eminence William Dieterle.

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